Pies, Pastries,

Biscuits, Beignets,

Handcrafted Sandwiches


309 Bridge St, Springfield, MA

(413) 333-4828


A small-batch bakery in Springfield, Mass. 

We're on a mission to get back to the basics: welcoming folks to our table, lively conversation, and fabulous food. 


Parties and events just got a little tastier



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For catering orders, please call us at 

(413) 333-4828.


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Granny's is located in the heart of downtown Springfield and could be perfect for your retreat, dinner, or event. 

 Honey, baking is like rearing children. Don't spoil 'em with too much sweetness. Have patience, give 'em love. They'll turn out just fine.  -Granny 

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