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Pies, Pastries,

Biscuits, Beignets,

Handcrafted Sandwiches

 Granny's baking table made lots of people happy. We loved serving you artisan pastries. But it made us very tired.  After a long winter break, we discovered we had too much on our plates.  Sonya is happy operating out of one location (Souper Sweet Sandwich Shop) and Todd has his hands full working with Anne at Nordica Street Community Farm.
We will miss our regulars and hope you will visit Souper Sweet or Nordica St.

Stay Tuned

We are                Closed

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A small-batch bakery in Springfield, Mass.

We're on a mission to get back to the basics: welcoming folks to our table, lively conversation, and fabulous food.


Parties and events just got a little tastier

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