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Baking and COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 is a challenging situation for our young bakery. A core principle of Granny's Baking Table is building community; a core feature is our "family" table. Our table is empty. We have had to rethink what community means. What we do know is that the empty offices and streets around us and the absence of folks at our table are a testament to your community spirit, a sign of your caring for each other. In that spirit, here is what we are doing to help our community:


Staying Open: It may not make financial sense, but we are certain that folks need to see, smell, and taste goodness in these tough times. Early on we decided to isolate as much as possible and to stay open as long as we are healthy. People need a place to go and have an experience that feels almost normal. It might be a brief chat with Sonya, bringing pie or pastry home, or grabbing something special for special occasions.  We're here for you if you need us.

Closing at 2 pm until further notice. Those magical afternoon hours at Granny's Baking Table where folks stopped by to chat, hold meetings, or meet up will return soon. 

Paying it forward: Granny's patrons have been dropping generous and supportive tips in the tip jar.  We are so touched by the community spirit every evening when we close out and see those anonymous $5-10-20s in our tip jar. We are paying that generosity forward by delivering meals to elderly sheltering at home and front-line workers. If you want us to deliver to an elder in your circle contact us, with the name, address, and phone number of the person(s) to whom you would like us to make a delivery.

Limiting what we offer: Fewer folks are stopping by, obviously. And we want to continue to offer high-quality bakery and lunch items. So we are limiting our offering and focusing on quality. For example, beignets are only offered on Fridays now.  If you have a particular hankering, give us a call.  We will see what can do for you.  


Stay safe,

Sonya and Todd 

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